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The challenges facing the talent industry, and our world of work

Expectations mismatch - high costs and a stressful hiring process for all involved

Bots - other solutions have millions of bots resulting in wasted time and money (source)

Lack of verification - recruitment fraud is rife, and it’s hard to know what’s real and what's not

Based on ads - focused on ad revenue model, and skewed towards business needs instead of yours

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Our Value Proposition

For Job Seekers

Profiles and Job Search - showcase your best self, and find the right opportunities based on your needs

Analytics - providing you with the insight needed to make the right career moves at a much lower cost

Integrated financial management - manage your money and career/work all in one place - take back control

Tokenized - an ecosystem governed by those who bring value to the world

Community - join networking events in both the physical world and the Metaverse

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For Businesses

Verified talent pool - by using Proton’s WebAuth wallet we can verify applicants - quality and quantity

Analytics - providing you with the data needed to source and hire the right talent

Onchain data - tackle recruitment fraud and see onchain historical data

Modular - build job descriptions and recruitment pipelines your way

Pricing - affordable and simplified subscription based pricing for talent pool access

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Why Proton?

Friendly @usernames, speedy transactions, zero gas fees, a growing ecosystem of apps, and the ability to leverage Proton’s WebAuth wallet means you have control over your finances.

No matter where in the world you decide to live and work, utilizing the Proton blockchain provides you with the freedom and autonomy required to make work and life harmony a reality.

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* The WebAuth wallet is a product of Metallicus and Proton.

Our Tokens

Molly $MLY

Utility token
Max supply: 1 billion

Molly (MLY) is a commodity and the utility token of the Fishtank ecosystem.

Molly is currently listed on Alcor Exchange as part of a community presale initiative. The token will have utility within the app ecosystem being built out and developed.

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Jellyfish $JLY

Governance token
Max supply: 1 million

Jellyfish (JLY) is the governance token of the Fishtank ecosystem.

The majority of Jellyfish tokens will be airdropped to Molly holders at a later date, and by holding Jellyfish users will be able to vote on matters leveraging Protonvote.

Coming Soon

Our Roadmap

Q3 2022

Q4 2022

Launch Molly $MLY token via Initial DEX Offering (IDO) - community presale

Kick off Thank God It’s Fishtank Friday’s NFT campaign

Launch website with waitlist and kick off product development of the MVP

Kick off community demos and reviews to obtain feedback on future direction

Q4 2022

Obtain listing on a minimum of one other exchange ($MLY)

Continue with Thank God It’s Fishtank Friday’s NFT campaign + special events

Finalize MVP and carry out initial release of product offering

Launch Jellyfish $JLY token via Initial DEX Offering (IDO) - community presale

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