About Fishtank


Be the global leader in driving towards a more inclusive, responsible, and sustainable world by decentralizing and empowering businesses.


To empower the next generation of businesses by providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to change our world for the better.

We are committed to creating a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem where entrepreneurs and innovators can bring their ideas to life, connect with like-minded individuals, and access everything they need to get started and scale.


  1. Integrity
  2. Inclusivity
  3. Accountability
  4. Transparency
  5. Social Responsibility


  • Initially accessing the required capital to fund your business idea
  • Acquiring additional funds needed to grow and scale moving forward
  • Obtaining the knowledge, resources, and skills needed to thrive
  • It's very difficult to build a loyal community of customers/supporters


  • A launchpad to allow people to directly back the ideas they believe in
  • Partner with businesses to support them through multiple fundraising rounds
  • End-to-end digital service offering for the businesses we partner with
  • Provide a platform for strong community building and marketing campaigns
  • Build out an entrepreneur and founders network for knowledge sharing


The Fishtank ecosystem will eventually consist of the following pillars:

  • Website + Discord (content and network)
  • Launchpad (for raising capital across multiple rounds)
  • Marketplace (to support marketing initiatives including NFTs)
  • Digital Services (branding, design, development, marketing)
  • Discovery (search for the best partners, talent, and investors)
  • Consulting (agile and web3 transformation support for businesses)
  • Nodes (validator nodes across multiple blockchain networks)
  • Ventures (capital investment for Fishtank backed ventures)

Additionally, we see added value from solutions within the Proton ecosystem:

  • Loan (providing increased runway for entrepreneurs/startups)
  • WebAuth (onchain DID/KYC and feeless global transactions)

Executive Team

  • James Barnett, CEO & Founder
  • Adam Chappell, CMO & Co-Founder

Advisory Team

  • Marshall Hayner, CEO & Founder of Metallicus


Fishtank has three tokens:

  1. Fishtank (FSH) - core utility and governance token to be used for access to projects on the launchpad and participate in fundraises, staking, and other use cases such as a referral system providing benefits to token holders.
  2. Molly (MLY) - fun token for gamification capabilities to be added in future versions of the launchpad, and other products/services in the ecosystem.
  3. Jellyfish (JLY) - a utility and governance token for those that lock up and stake FSH. More info on how this will be distributed to be shared later.
  4. Pop Jelly NFTs - access token for exclusive privileges to be granted in the future to various parts of the Fishtank ecosystem.

Note: none of the above tokens represent equity/ownership in Fishtank Labs, Inc.


Fishtank will consist of a council that is responsible for vetting and making a final decision on whether projects will be moved forward in the fundraising process.

The direction of the ecosystem will be determined initially by Fishtank (FSH) holders, and support for Jellyfish (JLY) to be added later.

More information to be shared on the governance model and process to be shared at a later point.